Getting Ready for the Summer

Nathan Ros
Ecclesiastes 3:1 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

After nine to ten months of school, most young people are ready for and looking forward to summer break! There’s no school; there’s sleeping in, swimming, fishing, biking, going out with friends and family, youth conference and camps, family vacation, and other amazing activities. What an enjoyable time for a young person!
The summer can be the best time for your children to develop memories with family and friends, enjoy unforgettable activities and functions, make life-changing and life-altering decisions at camp and youth conference; or sadly, it can be a time of laziness, extreme friction with family, or spiritual backslidings that lead to a loss of desire for the Lord and momentum in the Christian life.
Let us as parents and spiritual leaders pray and plan for our young people to have a “summer jump” and not a “summer slump!” Our children are not going to have that “summer jump” by accident. We have to pray, make a plan, and execute that plan. Listed are some tips that I believe will help young people stay faithful to the Lord in the summer and prepare them to have the right spirit getting into school the next season.

Have a plan for your children--don’t just let summer come and hit you in the face. Remember, it comes every year! Don’t wait until the last minute to pray and seek God for what you will do with your children. Do the praying and planning well in advance.
One of the areas that you should plan is a daily schedule. A schedule will help you regulate your children’s time. There should be a time slot for their day from wake up to bedtime, and in-between. Your schedule should include, but not be limited to:
Bed and Wake-up Time
DO NOT let your children just stay up or wake up late. I know it is summer, and they should and could stay up or wake up later, but make sure it is scheduled. Pastor Esposito would always say, “Don’t let your children live like drug addicts where they sleep and wake up whenever they want!” Children need to have a consistent time to go to bed and wake up.
Walk with God Time
Have a time when your children read the Bible and pray. It doesn’t have to be long but have a time slot for it. Some would like it in the morning and others would like it before bed. It doesn’t matter when, all that matters is that it is scheduled.
Time for Chores
Have your children help around the house. Whether it is yard work, laundry, cleaning the car, or cleaning their room, give them responsibilities. With their newfound tasks, let them know what you expect and provide a “check-off list” of the responsibilities when they are done.
Time for Learning and Sharpening Themselves
Give them good books, preaching, videos, and material that will help them to grow.
Time for Extra Projects
There might be a skill you want them to learn, or an instrument you want them to practice. Set aside time for this.
Free Fun Time
Make sure this time is God-honoring. 
Of course, this is for younger children.
In closing, I want to encourage you to help your children set some summer goals. One of the ways you can help your children is to have them learn to grow in every area of life. The Bible says in Luke 2:52, “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.” Instead of having the summer “come and go” without any growth, set some goals for growth in different areas in your children’s lives. If they play a sport or an instrument, set some goals for growth in those areas. You need to help them list what and when they will work on in the summer. My son likes basketball; this summer, I will help him devise a plan for him to grow in his game. I am confident there will be drills, shot charts, and exercises that will help him progress in basketball. This is just one area of growth you can help your children plan.
Sit down and think about how you can help your child grow spiritually, academically, physically, and socially. List those things and write them out. Then devise a plan on how you and your child can achieve those goals to help them for the summer.

Nathan Ros

Bro Ros does a great job in every aspect of ministry that he serves in! He leads our Khmer ministry, youth ministry, and is the teacher of the Grace Adult Bible Class. He and his wife have four wonderful children.

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