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Ahoy, young adventurers! Don't miss the chance to set sail on a grand journey at this year's youth conference. Chart a course for inspiration, wisdom, and faith as ye join fellow mates and learn from our mighty speakers. Hoist the anchor and register now for an unforgettable voyage that will strengthen yer spirit and fill yer sails with purpose. Arrr, seize the adventure today!


Conference Speakers & Hosts

Ahoy, mateys! We're excited to unveil the speakers for this year's youth conference! These faith-filled adventurers are ready to share their wisdom and tales, aiming to empower our youth.

Pastor Steve Meyers
Host Pastor
Nathan Ros
Conference Host | Youth Pastor
Pastor Bob Gray Jr.
Longview, TX
Joel Haynes
Navajoland, NM
Joseph Esposito
College President
Daniel Esposito
Assistant Youth Pastor

2023 Recap Video

Conference Schedule


5:00 PM Registration Begins
7:00 PM First Preaching Session
9:00 PM Freshman & Senior Fellowship
in College Room


Morning Schedule
8:30 AM First Session
9:30 AM Second Session
10:45 AM Lunch and Leave for Sky Zone

Evening Schedule
7:00 PM Evening Service
9:00 PM Sophomore & Junior Fellowship
in College Room


Morning Schedule
9:00 AM First Session
10:00 AM Second Session
11:00 AM Lunch
11:45 AM Leave for Go Cart World

Evening Schedule
7:00 PM Evening Service