Multi-Generational Effects

Daniel Esposito
2 Kings 23:13 "And the high places that were before Jerusalem, which were on the right hand of the mount of corruption, which Solomon the king of Israel had builded for Ashtoreth the abomination of the Zidonians, and for Chemosh the abomination of the Moabites, and for Milcom the abomination of the children of Ammon, did the king defile."

Solomon, known for his wisdom, wealth, and the blessing of God in his life early on had quite a disappointing life in his sunset years. He disobeyed God’s command and married many heathen women. Eventually, these women pressured Solomon to build temples in the mountain mentioned to accommodate their idol worship. Even worse, Solomon eventually worshiped these gods with his wives.

His wives worshiped idols of the worst sort. Those who worship these false gods believed they demanded: human sacrifice of children, immorality, and unimaginable indecencies to appease their wrath and gain their favor.

Solomon’s poor decisions not only cost him his joy and the blessing of God in his life but also adversely impacted his posterity for hundreds of years. This passage resumes, 12 generations and about 300 years after Solomon’s poor choices were made; Judah had suffered the wrath of God because of their idolatry on this mountain for years.
Questions to Ponder: 
-What clear commands in scripture am I violating that will cost me and my future generations?
-Is the temporary convenience or pleasure I gain by violating God’s Word worth trading the long-term blessing of having godly offspring?
-What good decisions can I make to secure God's blessing on my life and help set the tone for future generations to experience that same blessing?

Daniel Esposito

Born in a pastor's home, Daniel has been in church his whole life. He met his wife Cassi while enrolled at PBBC. They have one sweet daughter, Ivory, and a baby on the way. He serves as a bus captain, school and college teacher, the soul winning director, and helps with various other church ministries.

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