The Honeymoon Stage

Charlie Chim
Isaiah 62:5b …and as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, the HONEYMOON STAGE?  This is often referred to as the first six months of marriage.  Just as the moon has many phases (new moon, crescent moon, quarter moon, full moon), the HONEYMOON STAGE of a marriage is considered by many as the sweetest phase…yet experts say it only lasts a mere six months for many—what a shame.

This HONEYMOON STAGE does not only apply to our marriage, but also to anything “new” we experience in life.  It could be a new car, a new gadget, a new home, a new relationship.  During the HONEYMOON STAGE, it seems that nothing could go wrong.  Everything is new and still enjoyable for us.  However, after a period of time, the “newness” wears away and if we are not careful, we don’t treat it the same.

Remember when we purchased our first new car? We were careful to the “nth degree,” meaning there were no measures of precaution we were not willing to take.  The parking spots by the entrance of the store were not safe enough, so we opted to park clear across the parking lot where there were no other cars.  Our approach to tiny parking spots was, “There’s no way I can get into this spot safely,” so we opted for a much more spacious parking area.  Then, we find ourselves taking fifteen minutes just to walk to the front entrance of the store from our car, but it was well worth it to protect our new car from any scratches.  

Then, as the months go by, we see new scratches here and there. We notice the interior of the car is getting slightly worn from normal use. Before we know it, our previous precautions are out the window. We’re eating in our car now. We are also parking as close to the entrance of Costco as we can with all the other cars. Now we say to ourselves, “This parking spot is tight, but I know I have the skills to squeeze in there.”  

What happened? Unfortunately, the HONEYMOON STAGE ended. Let’s apply this spiritually. Remember when we first got saved? No commitment level was too great for our God. He deserved the best. Every hour of ministry felt like mere seconds because of our indebted spirit of gratitude toward Him. Every offering opportunity was viewed as a privilege to honor our Holy God.  

Overwhelming joy flooded our entire being as a result of knowing for the first time that there is a God that loved us enough to lay down His life for us. John 15:13 says, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” Learning of God’s love for us created quite the HONEYMOON STAGE in our lives.  

To reference our text verse in Isaiah 62, the Bible tells us that God’s love for us is much like the love a groom has for the bride. In other words, God’s love for us doesn’t end like the typical HONEYMOON STAGE that many of us experience in life. His love for us is the same as the day He thought to create us. It’s the same as the day He died for us. It’s the same as the day He saved us. He is still very much excited about His relationship with us.

But how about us? Can we say the same in return? I do recall my first six months of marriage. They were definitely wonderful and exciting. I remember that first week of marriage when my wife and I were able to travel on our own without a chaperone for the first time...being able to hold her hand while we walked around Santa Barbara. Then, being able to sit down at a restaurant across from my new wife…it was awesome! However great those feelings were, a constant goal of mine today is to continue to generate that same excitement and joy in our marriage even now and for many years to come.

As a matter of fact, the more that I think about it, the love that I had for my wife as a newlywed, was very basic. We hardly knew each other. We hadn’t gone through many struggles and tough times together. But a few months shy of ten years later, five kids later, many sicknesses and trials later, our love is much stronger! I know this is true for many of us.

The same applies to our relationship with God. Saying we loved God back then was one thing as a very simple Christian that didn’t know much about the God of the Bible. Now that years have passed, and we have heard a multitude of sermons and read God’s Word with our own eyes…we definitely have so much more to love.

Unfortunately, how often have we seen new Christians, new members come to church, ready to serve…only to wane just months later. During their HONEYMOON STAGE they would volunteer to do anything, but now we couldn’t get them to do anything. How about us? For many, the HONEYMOON STAGE may last much longer than a few months…perhaps a few years. However, we may find ourselves in the same spot as complacency and disinterest set in.

Though the experts say that the HONEYMOON STAGE only lasts for six months, I say HOGWASH. That doesn’t have to be true for us. Rekindle that flame for the Lord. Revisit the joy that God wants us to have in our relationship with Him. Let’s go to church, read our Bibles, and pray with a mindset of building a relationship with God as opposed to just learning about God.

The joy we once experienced can still be had. It can even be greater than ever, but the choice is ours. The responsibility is ours…and the blessings that come with it, can be ours.


Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, rejoice.”

Charlie Chim

Bro Chim and his wife joyfully serve the Lord together as he teaches the Foundations Adult Bible Class. They have five amazing children. Bro Chim serves the Lord full-time as the principal of Pacific Baptist School.

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