Ray Pechardo
1 Timothy 4:12 “Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”

We are all examples. Some look up to you as someone they want to follow. They want to imitate you or want to be like you. No matter who you are, you’re an example to someone.

As a Christian, you are an example to the lost! People are watching you all the time. That is why it is so vital that we live in such a way that people will not despise Christianity because of our poor example. Sad to say, there will be people that will decide whether they want to be a Christian or not based on your example.

You are also a visible example to other Christians! Whether we know it or not, other Christians are watching us. Many will be encouraged by our Godly example and will be motivated to do more for God. Some may be discouraged by our lack of spirituality. They may lose their zeal for God and may eventually become lukewarm towards the things of God. Unfortunately, some will even backslide because they are looking at the wrong example!

There are six areas in which Apostle Paul exhorts Timothy to be an example:  

1. In Word: Everything we say should reflect someone who is a follower of Christ. We should talk like Christians and not like the world.

2. In Conversation (behavior): The way we live should be a life that is pleasing to God. There should be a difference in how Christians behave.

3. In Charity: This is how we love God and others. We are to be examples in loving the lost, but especially in loving our brethren!

4. In Spirit: Christians should not have a bad attitude, but should have enthusiasm and excitement that comes from being a saved child of God!

5. In Faith: Living by faith is trusting the Lord for every need. Have an attitude that makes every problem a matter of prayer.

6. In Purity: With holiness and Godly living, not worldly living, let’s live a life that is clean.

In each of these areas we should be a good example. What kind of example are you? Are you a good example to others? Or are you a poor example? Remember, people are watching you.  Let us work on being the Godly example that the Lord wants us to be!

Ray Pechardo

Bro Pechardo serves the Lord full-time as our Filipino Pastor, Missions Director, and Soulwinning Director. Ray and his wife Lucy have three children.

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