August 4

Thank you so much for being faithful in your building commitments. Since the banquet, it has been phenomenal to see each person continue to give and do his part to get our future building up.

We are very grateful to have the new patio up. It was used during our Youth Conference last week and will be used all during the month of August for our Family Emphasis month. Thank you for all your help and hard work. We are still continuing to work on the other pre-construction projects as they are coming together well.

Please pray that the upcoming meeting with our city in September will go well.

June 18

We encourage you to look over the Parking Insert that is in the bulletin. Please do all that you can to help us with our parking. At this stage of the project, it is vital that we continue being great neighbors. We appreciate our church’s great spirit. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and diligence in helping us with this matter.

June 5

June 1st, 2008 was the first week to begin our “Finishing Together” building commitments. Thank you for getting off to a great start! Keep on being faithful throughout the year to your building commitment. Plan and pray how you, the Lord, and your family will give what you have committed to give to the Lord and our building fund.