Building Update!

Last week, the fire sprinkler systems have been completed. This week, we are beginning to install the sprinkler heads. Also, the men are working on various tasks in the electrical room. Please continue to pray for our new building!


Fire Sprinkler Systems Completed!

Praise the Lord for the progress the men were able to achieve! The installation of all sprinkler heads, sprinkler drywall, and piping throughout the building has been completed. In addition to these accomplishments, the men will be working on various tasks this week in preparation for upcoming inspections.



Installation of Sprinklers

This week the men have been working on the metal framing and installing sprinklers on the second floor. The metal framing has been completed on the balcony ceiling, and sprinklers are currently being put in. Please continue to be in prayer for the building and upcoming inspections!







Drywall Installation

This week, the men continued working on the installation of drywall in the auditorium of the new building. The installation of drywall on the platform has been almost completed. Praise the Lord!

Building Update

The men have continued working hard on getting the new building closer to completion. This week they have worked on installing the sump pump near the main entrance of the building. Also, the men have begun installing drywall for the platform of the auditorium. What a blessing!