Landscaping Preparation

Praise the Lord that we’ve been able to pick up the pace in our building progress! This past week, our men worked hard to dig out pits for various pipes and pumps. This is all part of preparing the outside of our building for concrete and landscaping.

Building Update

We are honored to have the CLAIM team with us once again! These men are always a tremendous blessing to our church. This week, they are helping us with the rough electrical for the lighting in the auditorium. Please pray for the wisdom and safety of the CLAIM team as they continue to work with us and soon prepare for their trip home.

Inspection Passed!

It was a blessing to see the progress that has been made over the past few weeks. The men were working on various tasks for the electrical room for a city inspection. Praise the Lord, the inspection was approved and passed!


Please continue to pray for the phasing of the new building over the new year.

HIM Team With Us!

What a blessing it was to have a few men from the HIM team with us last week, as they were a great help! We were able to accomplish priming the walls of the entire gym. Praise the Lord! Also, the fire alarm panels were successfully installed in the electrical room.

Building Update

In the past few weeks, many tasks for the building were able to be completed! At the moment, the men have been striving towards finishing the installation of fire lines. We hope you will continue to pray with us as we move forward in our building progress for the Lord!